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TTPOD music player v2.8.1 beta1

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TTPOD music player v2.8.1 beta1

Post by Asolole on Tue Nov 15 2011, 08:56

TTPOD music player v2.8.1 beta1

Requirements: for all Android versions

Overview: TTPOD MUSIC PLAYER(Android) is a platform built specifically for android sounding player, the player every day sounds not only inherited the old Symbian platform high quality.

Everyday sounds TTPOD MUSIC Player (Android) is the first self-developed decoder, set playback, audio, search, download and many other functions in a completely free cell phone music player, not only inherited the old Symbian platform every day, high-quality sounds , visually stunning, rich lyrics and songs picture download, super skin replacement heart function, while constantly on the touch screen experience optimized to provide user-friendly operation to download, and safety certification by the 360, whether you are in the QQ chat or visit the website at UC, even when playing the angry birds, you can enjoy a pleasant day to bring you a new experience listening to music, playing music is an essential tool Muzhiyizu.

[Features] new version

1 new EQ setting function

2 new local search feature songs

3 new songs built-in image display switch (default on)

4 new aac, m4a format decoding

5. "Skinnable" dialog box, add "more" button, click on download channel to jump every day recommended skin

6 to solve the collapse and edit song information display a list of issues M9

Recent changes:

1. To solve the problem some models can not play wma;

2. Part of the solution error caused by flac format ID3 problem can not be played;

3. To solve some of the models click on a thumbnail interface issues out into the desktop;

4. Out of solution can not remember the song played after the issue.

More Info:

download here

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Re: TTPOD music player v2.8.1 beta1

Post by Joekerz on Tue Nov 15 2011, 11:05

Greatz mamamen udah v2.8.1 bajai



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Re: TTPOD music player v2.8.1 beta1

Post by reza on Tue Nov 15 2011, 11:56

da yan9 handler 9 y...
Trz pencrian musikny yan9 barat aj jn9n cina...bin9un9

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Re: TTPOD music player v2.8.1 beta1

Post by Sponsored content

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